The miracle es la 10ª canción del álbum Mi regalo de Marcos Vidal.

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Estrofa 1:
It's a mystery to me, still cannot believe it,
It's a miracle if ever a miracle was,
I had wandered far from home and squandered my freedom,
and you came rescued me.
I't's not logical to me, still cannot conceive it,
I'm the prodigal if ever a prodigal was,
I disgraced my father's name and couldn't face him,
somehow he still cared enough for me,
a miracle has spared his love for me.

This is the mystery of pardon and forgiveness,
it makes no sense for King's to spare the Fool's reward,
it's a miracle how justice turns to mercy
how one like me is so loved by the Lord.
This is a mystery of grace that meets repentance,
I've no defense, except my wrongs he has ignored,
It's a myracle how justice yields to mercy
how one like me is so loved by the Lord.

Estrofa 2:
He has given love divine and my heart received it,
there is promise for my life where none was before,
I have faith to face each day, and I have found true hope,
loving grace has set to captive free,
his mercy is the song that I now sing.


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